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District Instructional Coach - Elementary

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Summary Information:
Employer: Fort Wayne Community Schools
Position Type: Teaching
Categories: Coaching
Lead Teacher/Dept. Head
School / Org: Fort Wayne Community Schools
Location Fort Wayne, Indiana
FTE: 1
No. of Positions: 1
Reference #: EAN4600141278
Posting Date: 8 November 2017
Closing Date: 30 November 2017

Fort Wayne Community Schoolsis seeking qualified applicants for the following position(s):

District Instructional Coach - Elementary

Location: Curriculum

Provide customized, real-time, job-embedded professional development services to ensure Building Instructional Coaches and teachers continuously improve their ability to provide instructional services to students resulting in increased student achievement. Services must align with federal, state, and district standards, requirements, laws, and regulations and fall within the FWCS/FWEA Master Contract.

Salary: $37710.00 - $63870.00

Areas of Certification: General Elementary

Additional Job Information:

What FWCS District Coaches will know and be able to do:
1. FWCS District Coaches meet all definitions and guidelines for effective teachers as detailed on the FWCS Classroom Teacher Job Description and guidelines from the US DOE and IDOE.

2. FWCS District Coaches meet all definitions and guidelines for effective Building Instructional Coaches as detailed on the FWCS Building Instructional Coaches Job Description.

3. FWCS District Coaches demonstrate their commitment to students and student learning through their work with teachers, coaches, administrators, and support staff.
a. The District Coach acts on the belief that all professional/instructional staff can master and use exemplary practices.
b. The District Coach supports the professional/instructional staff in the goal of producing measurable growth in student learning.
c. The District Coach recognizes individual differences in professional/instructional staff and differentiates practices accordingly.

4. FWCS District Coaches are customer focused, service oriented, driven to exceed expectations, and demonstrate ongoing single-minded dedication and commitment to continuous improvement of their service delivery system.
a. The District Coach seamlessly contributes to the continuous improvement of teacher performance and student achievement.
b. The District Coach shares ideas, materials, and experiences with colleagues.
c. The District Coach purposely uses strategies to create a climate of mutual respect.
d. The District Coach exhibits a respect for the knowledge and wisdom that resides in schools among teachers, administrators, Building Instructional Coaches, and support staff and resides in other departments among coaches, coordinators, directors, and Cabinet.

5. FWCS District Coaches are knowledgeable in their field, and use their expertise to promote system wide goals by communicating their knowledge to teachers, Building Instructional coaches, administrators, and support staff.
a. The District Coach demonstrates rich knowledge of job-specific content.
b. The District Coach understands how his/her field of expertise connects to FWCS initiatives.
c. The District Coach demonstrates understanding of and shares responsibility for developing and/or supporting the implementation of curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
d. The District Coach understands and applies learning theories to offer multiple paths to knowledge.
e. The District Coach assesses current research and incorporates the findings into his/her work.

6. FWCS District Coaches are responsible for establishing and managing positive adult learning environments.
a. The District Coach fosters a professional climate by modeling openness, support, mutual respect, reflection, and inquiry.
b. The District Coach establishes and maintains respectful, productive relationships with members of the educational community.
c. The District Coach communicates the impact of teacher and student beliefs on student achievement.

7. FWCS Instructional Coaches use data to support the educational community's efforts to improve student achievement.
a. The District Coach analyzes relevant data for continuous improvement of services.

Possess a valid Indiana teaching license for the grade level and/or subject assigned, and a minimum of five years of teaching experience or equivalent. Must have documentation of instructional and/or leadership effectiveness. Must possess knowledge of FWCS principles, theories, practices, procedures, and techniques used in lesson plan development and instruction. Must have ability to get to multiple sites each day.

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