ROTC Army Instructor

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Summary Information:
Employer: Grand Rapids Public Schools
Position Type: Teaching
Categories: ROTC
School / Org: Ottawa Hills High School (9-12)
Location Grand Rapids, Michigan
FTE: 1
No. of Positions: 1
Reference #: EAN6022
Posting Date: 9 November 2017
Closing Date: Open Until Filled

Grand Rapids Public Schools is seeking qualified applicants for the following position(s):

ROTC Army Instructor

Location: Ottawa Hills High School (9-12)

Additional Information:
Bargaining Unit: GREOA
Salary or Pay Rate: $35,654
Earning Days: 52 Weeks – 40 Hours per Week

Position Overview:
The employee conducts classroom and extracurricular instruction in accordance with the US Army Program of Instruction and the guidance of the Grand Rapids Public Schools for the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.

Essential Job Functions: Essential functions, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, may include any of the duties, knowledge and skills outlined in this job description. This list is illustrative only, and is not a comprehensive listing of all functions and duties performed by employees in this position. Employees are required to be in attendance and prepared to begin work at their assigned work location on the specified days and hours. Factors such as regular attendance at the job are not routinely listed in job descriptions, but are an essential function. Essential duties and responsibilities may include, but are not limited to the following:

- Conduct the JROTC program in accordance with applicable law, GRPS policy, and Army/Cadet Command regulations and policies.
- Assist the SAI in preparing an annual Master Training Plan, developing a schedule for the year reflecting school and JROTC objectives and activities. Include cadets in the planning phase and organize cadets and resources toward the objectives.
- Accountability of JROTC property. Issue uniforms and equipment as required to cadets. Carry out logistics tasks.
- Prepare requisitions. Maintain arms and supply operations in accordance with regulatory guidance.
- Assist the SAI in recruiting and retaining students. In support of the SAI’s plan market the JROTC program in school and community, and maintain enrollment standards.
- Teach the Leadership Education portion of the curriculum to the JROTC cadets and assist the SAI when needed.
- Achieve the curricular requirements and learn standards of the Program of Instruction (POI). Attain and improve proficiency in all military and other subjects taught. Continuously improve instruction by staying abreast of new and alternative instructional and motivational techniques. Recommend changes to the curriculum and teaching methodology.
- Assist the SAI in counseling and mentoring cadets on their academic performance as members of the Corps of Cadets. - Assist interested students in applying for the Senior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (SROTC) scholarships and completing service academy applications.
- Accomplish required school tasks. Participate in staff meetings, school committees and student activities. Perform professional responsibilities duties required of other teachers in the school or as requested by the administration.
- Assist the SAI in the Planning, organizing and conducting hands-on training that builds from instruction in the classroom; color guard, marksmanship, drill teams, and JROTC social activities, such as military ball, awards banquets, fitness challenges.
- Conduct risk assessment to mitigate the possibility of an accident for all activities, observe, enforce Army, and school safety guidelines.
- Develop professional qualifications. Participate in recurring instructor conferences and other professional development opportunities offered by the school district. Meet any continuing education requirements of the state, school district, or USACC.
- Assist the SAI in Preparing the unit for official visits by dignitaries, tri-annual formal inspections, and mandated assist visits from high headquarters.
- Plan and coordinate cadet and instructor’s attendance to the annual JROTC Cadet Leadership challenge (JCLC), conduct training and other activities as prescribed by the JCLC commander.
- Set an outstanding personal example of professionalism, social and personal behavior and appearance for cadets, colleagues and the community.
- Actively participate in building activities, meetings, parent conferences, staffing, training, IEPC, when appropriate, as determined by the administration.
- Interact with students, parents, administrators, staff and the community in positive supportive and cooperative ways.
- Other duties as assigned.

Educational Qualifications:
- Bachelor’s Degree Desired. Associates Degree must be obtained within 5 years from the date of hire.
- Must be a retired Non-Commissioned Officer from the US Army. Retirement date cannot exceed three years and must be receiving retirement pay.
- “Gray-Area” National Guard and Reserve members with at least 20 years of creditable service for retired pay and a minimum of 3600 total points for retired pay and who meet all other prerequisites may be considered for AJROTC hard-to-fill-instructor positions.
- Be a citizen of the United States.
- Meet the requirements of Army Regulation 145-2 and United Army Cadet Command Regulation 145-2
- Meet the retention medical fitness standards and weight standards of CCR 145-2.
- Have an excellent record of military performance. Record free of any adverse action military or civilian.
- Have the mentality, personality, appearance and bearing to represent the Army well in the civilian community.
- Have good moral character, instructional ability and be able to challenge, motivate and influence young people in a positive manner
- Meet administrative requirements of the certification process, have a satisfactory interview, and be determined by Cadet Command to meet the criteria outlined above.

Additional Qualifications:
Persons whose evidence is anything less than the highest ethical standards (lying, cheating, stealing), inability to relate appropriately to persons of the opposite gender (sexual harassment, misconduct). Persons who would cause the Army to have less than complete confidence in their reliability (alcohol abuse, drugs, financial irregularity) or trustworthiness to be in the classroom with cadets (child abuse). If any of the above applies, those candidates need not apply.

Persons whose background checks, which are conducted by the Army for every person as part of the hiring process, would produce information inconsistent with eligibility need not apply. National level checks include:

- FBI records check
- FBI Fingerprint check
- Defense Security Service Records Check
- Military Records Review
- Central Registry of Spouse &/or Child abuse or neglect

School Official’s Authority: AR 145-2 and CCR 145-2 states that the Army and hiring officials have equality in approving the hiring of prospective instructors. Approval by both the Army and the school is required. GRPS also requires local agency checks paid for at the applicant’s expense.

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